Client: Adobe

Lightroom Ambassador Summit

Visual Design, Design Direction

Created the look and feel for Adobe’s Lightroom Ambassador Summit, an educational event where 40 classes were taught over the course of five days.
The theme was called “Find Your Light”: Adapting to a “new normal” has forced us to improvise – a lot. And in a way, it has put innovation at the forefront of our typical creative process. Without the ability to rely on tried and true methods of photography, we’ve had to adapt, shift, and grow in order to continue adapting, shifting, and growing. In spite of incredible limitations, we have found no limits that stopped us from making and creating. This year, we want to celebrate creative ingenuity and those who have found light in the dark.

The visual language pairs bold, confident typography with hand drawn elements. Its unexpected attitude and personality lends itself to the theme of creative ingenuity. It’s inspired by sketching, note-taking and brainstorming sessions.